Here's what our customers are saying about Windy Hills Lavender products: Read our testimonials and Reviews.

His Herbal Powder - Wonderful! The best product any where and the personal attention, wow! - Anthony Z.

Culinary Lavender Lemonade - I love the packaging! Have not tried it yet, saving it for a February baby shower.  But it is so beautifully packaged, in a tall, clear, vacuum container, sparkly sugar inside and tons of lavender buds. It would make a beautiful gift for someone, so appealing to the eye! It came with a hand written message on my receipt, sincerely thanking me for my business!  I will definitely be ordering more products, and can't wait to try them all! I will add to this, once I have made my lavender lemonade. - Ella R.

Culinary Lavender Infused Olive Oil - All the items purchased were gifts, so I cannot comment on anything except the muscle rub which has been great for me! - David A.

Lavender Lotion - I purchased these as Christmas gifts. My only disappointment is that they didn't have the pretty lavender pump like was on the first lotion bottle that I purchased in the store when visiting Arizona. The lotion is great! - Carol W.

Intense Foot & Hand Cream - I love the scent! - This lotion/cream is wonderful!! The scent alone makes is a must-have for me. I have dry feet and this really helps! My son loved this as well. - Mary S.

Massage / Bath Oil - Lavender & Patchouli make a wonderful combination! I first went to the store when visiting Arizona in November and purchased the Lavender & Patchouli lotion bar and the lotion. The scent is so unique. Since than I have purchased two more times. I also use the bath oil after a shower on wet skin and leaves my skin soft with a long lasting scent. Trying the aromatherapy oil this time. - Jeannine Z.

Lotions, 8 ounce - Loved everything. - Stacie W.

Love all of it! Especially the lip balm. The face and hand cream is so silky smooth. - Tina K.

Lavender Mist - I LOVE ALL their lavender, whatever they make! It's all yummy! - Mary F.

We loved your store! I will definitely be back and can hardly wait to see the lavender growing at the store! - Kathleen A.

My favorite "pitstop" on my way from Show Low to the valley! OH THE SMELLS are amazing!!! - Laura S.

Love you guys. You are awesome.  - Deborah S.

Carpet Fresh: Simply wonderful Works great Leaves a great fragrance.  - Carol D.

Love My Lavender Box Subscription.  This is just a great gift package for anyone! - Pamela H.

Love My Lavender Box Subscription - I Love this product pricey but worth it and perfect gift to love ones or friends. Great Products! - Chaddy R.

Baby Time Gift Set.  I bought the baby gift set for my sister in law, she absolutely loved it!!! - Regina S.

Stopped in for the first time, love all the products that we got. - Wendi W-G

Lotion Gift Bag. My niece loved her lavender gift bag. She received it so quickly…will order again. - Linda R.

Insect Repellent All Natural. Love it, works amazing. Joanne R.

I love all your products! My favorite scent is the Lavender Patchouli. The website is so user friendly, and it always arrives promptly. - Amy W.

BEST LIP BALM EVER!!!  I bought my first tube a few years ago. It has spoiled me for anything else. I love it! - T. K.

All Natural Lotion Bars. Love these! - Susie L.

Lavender Mist. Fantastic product! - I love the lavender products purchased from you. The ordering is easy and reliable!! - Rhonda H.

All Natural Insect Repellent. Fantastic!  Best insect repellent ever!!!!!!! The mosquitoes in Texas are as big as the state!!!  Rhonda H.

Lavender Face & Hand Cream. Feels Great!  Actually feels good to apply & smells nice. Knowing ingredients are natural & healthy gives one an additional good feeling. Very reasonable price for the benefits. Thanks. - Mary H.

Lavender Body Powder with Poof.  Great smell!  Love the way it feels going on and the smell is wonderful! - Leslie H.

Lilac Lotion. Love it, it smells just like real lilacs, is smooth and makes my skin feel great! - Nancy F.

Lavender/Patchouli Lotion. I love it. Love the smell and softness. - Cynthia S.

Culinary Lavender Honey. This is the best tasting honey I’ve ever had. I received one for my birthday and looked up the website and ordered two! - Susan H.

GREAT LIP BALM!   My parents went on vacation and visited Windy Hills and as a gift brought me back the Lavender and Spearmint lip balm. To be honest, for the past 10 years the only lip balm I have used is Burt's and so when I ran out of it I opened this Lil Windy's to use as a filler till I got some more of my regular stuff.  I was very surprised at how high quality it was! Lavender is a not a typical scent for a lip gloss but I can honestly tell you, I really love it! It's subtle, but still noticeable.  I live around Chicago and we have killer winters, and dry chapped lips are hard to avoid, I found this lip balm did a good job keeping my lips moisturized without being oily,  I will definitely be asking my parents to get me several refills of this lip balm this Christmas when they go visit Arizona again! Keep up the good work and high quality products! - Keri

Lavender Body Powder with Poof. I love it very much. I’ve already gone thru one. I couldn’t find powder with a puff anywhere. They told me they only have it around Xmas. I will buy yours now!! Thanks for a wonderful product!! - Candi C.

Lavender Face & Hand Cream. I started using the lavender face and hand cream about 6 months ago, I really love it! It goes along way!! I am on my second jar! My face seems smoother! - Sally S.

The best salve!  I use this salve daily. I apply it to my face as an after shave, but it works great on all kinds of things. - Alan W.

Massage Rub. Love it and shared it with friends. - Patricia W.

All Natural Lotion Bars. Smooth as silk. I love these bars! My skin is hydrated and silky and scented nicely as an added bonus! - M. R.

Room Spray. I love how long lasting this scent is and like spraying it and coming back into the room to smell it and relax. - M. R.

Enjoyed my lavender lotion so much, when we visited a month ago. - Iris R.

Massage Rub. It's a great product, I've bought it for friends, everyone loves it. It actually works! - Phyllis A.

Essential Oils. Love it. I recommend all their products. Enjoying all of them. Plan on buying more in the future. - Carol D.

I have used different oils and just want you to know keep doing what you're doing! Please don't change this. It's wonderful. - Kayla B.

Wonderful smells! thank you! - Julie T.

Baby Powder smells great but baby won't be here until May! First time Grandma purchasing! LOL! - Carita L.

We LOVE the beard oil. It is amazing! - Michelle D.

It is nice to be greeted by name even when you haven't been in the store in months. - Deborah S.

His Herbal Lotion. This is a great lotion! I use it everywhere even on my face. It is so moisturizing, it heals dry skin instantly. The smell is great, too -- citrusy and woodsy with the lavender scent, it’s bracing and masculine. I really love this product. - Gregory H.

Lavender & Hempseed Lotion. Love it! This is my first use of the lotion and I love it. Stays on for awhile and smells amazing! - Nicole B.

Lavender Mist. Best place to buy lavender products. Great experience shopping online at Windy Hills! They processed my order fast and I love the lavender spray!!  - Anne G.

Intense Foot and Hand Cream. Awesome.  My husband has had dry flakey feet since military days, wrapped his feet in plastic bag after applying for about 30 min. Impressive results.  -Sandie F.

Lil Windy's Lip Balm. Outstanding! The BEST lip balm I have EVER used! I am a lip balm connoisseur. I have used it for years. These guys make the best - best, most natural calming scent (lavender) and best consistency. Lil Windy's provides more moisture and less waxiness. It's superior to Burt's Bees or Aveda products. Well done, you guys! - Alissa

Bundle of Grosso Lavender.  Amazingly Aromatic Bundles of Lavender. There are many "antique/rustic" boutiques that sell lavender bundles, but none compare to the fresh, aromatic bundles that I purchased here! I am SO glad that I held out & was able to stop into Windy Hills. If you are ever in Heber, stop in... their shop smells AMAZING & the ladies are super friendly. I would feel confident & comfortable ordering their products online because I have seen & smelled their quality products in person. - Nikki F.

Lavender & Coconut Oil.  I love it, when you live in AZ, your skin gets so dry. It just takes a little of this and rub on your skin and gets rid of the old age flakey skin. I give it a 5*.  - Elaine McN.

Intense Foot & Hand Cream.  Nice product. This cream smells wonderful and really works! - Sandra T. 

Lavender Soap. It's the best. I always have to stock up because you run out of it. - Philip M.

Culinary Lavender Honey. This honey is very concentrated.....very good!! A little goes a long ways! - Sally

Sugar Scrub Lavender, Lemongrass & Hemp Seed.  They are wonderful love all of them!!  Will make wonderful Christmas gifts! Plan on buying more! - Bonnie R.

Lotions, 4oz.  As expected your product is wonderful! I love the smell of lavender while falling asleep. I put some of your lotion on before I go to sleep. Thank you so much for making me a special batch of the lavender vanilla scent it's my favorite! I hope someday to visit your Arizona location. I was disappointed to find out your Murphys California store closed that is where I discovered your products.  I will be buying all of my lavender products from you in the future.  - Lori E.

Windy Farms Lavender Oil.  I much prefer your essential oil lavender to others, including Young Living! I will continue to buy from your farm/company! Regards -  Tina R.

Lavender & Coconut Oil. Great Product!! Smell is Fabulous! Love the oil! I use it for everything. Chapped Lips, feet, even on my dog's dry elbows. The only thing I would recommend is putting into a larger or different container. It is a twist off cap and filled to the brim . . making it a mess every time I open it up. - Bonnie R.

Gift Set: Lotion Gift Bag. Great personalized service!!!! - Jennifer A.

His Beard Oil. Excellent product!  Even from so far away, the costumer service was excellent, and so was the product! I got the beard oil for my dad and ordered it not long before Christmas.

All the product got here on time and smelled wonderful! Thanks so much, I can't wait to order more stuff in the future! - Coleen S.

Lil Windy's Lip Balm.  I LOVE IT. It is the second one I have bought. - Tina K.

Culinary lavender. I love cooking with lavender. So I bought both ground and whole culinary lavender. I really like the flavor of your mixture. - Sally S.

Lotion Bars All Natural. The very best for callused heels. This bar is absolute magic. I've suffered from deep calluses on my heals because I ware sandals all the time. My wife was constantly trying to get me to try different products but none worked and were a pain to use. About a year ago my daughter gave me a lotion bar and told me to just apply it in the shower. Easy and effective. 

Everyone I have given them to (including my wife's nail salon) just rave about their efficacy. - Rick Shaw

Baby Booty Cream.  Best ever! Bought this for my new grandson because we love lavender. Daughter-in-love says its the best product and so they got more in their Christmas stockings. - Kathi G.

Lavender honey. We visit our children every summer in Arizona because we now live in Iowa. I was attending a Women's Retreat at Bison Ranch last summer and came upon your farm. I love lavender anything, I purchased the honey and now I can't wait to get back this coming summer and stock up on everything thing I purchased. The soap, the honey and the mist. The lavender

cookbook is so amazing, I don't know how I survived without it all these years. Love your store.  - Linda H.

Lavender Face & Hand Cream. This is a wonderful product. I first bought it in the gift shop at Touvrea Castle simply because I wanted to support the facility - but I LOVE this product and I'm going to use this exclusively for face, hand and body. It's rich, mildly scented in a wonderful way - and so very creamy without being sticky. This is a first rate product. - C. J.

Massage Rub.  Back on Track with Lil' Windy Rub. This little rub gets your back, back on track! At the first sign of a sore back or inflammation, my husband and I use this rub at night before retiring, and in the morning our pain is gone or mostly subsided! It's that good! It smells delicious and is great just for a massage as well. Love this rub! - Kate S. 

Lil Windy's Lip Balm. The lavender is my favorite lip balm. The natural lavender scent and taste are charming, and it has a lovely, slight shimmer to it. Don't want to ever go without it! - Sarah 

Lotion 8 oz. Great Lotion!  Lavender peppermint smells wonderful and is very moisturizing! I love the idea of buying from a small business in the USA, they ship fast and quickly responded to my order by email with notifications about the shipping! Love your products and company Thank you! - Mary

Lotions 8 oz. Excellent lotion. All natural. Great product. Website is easy to navigate shipping is very fast. All around A+ excellent. - Derek B.

Lotion bars, all natural. Just perfect!!!  I love that this lotion is so versatile. I use it on my face, hands, even as a thin film inside my nose on a very dry weather (summer/fall in Central California). Love it and hope that you never, ever discontinue it. Well , at least not in my life-time ;) Oh, and it does not cause any skin reactions. Just perfect. - Jolanta G.

Lavender massage and bath oil.  I found the product was very great and am placing another order as I speak. - Linda M.

Lavender Face and Hand Cream. Love this product.  I finally found a cream that penetrates in my skin. - Ariba M. 

Lavender Lotion Bars. This is the most AMAZING product. If I could give it 10 stars I would!!!! I keep it in my shower. Perfect for dry heels and cuticles. Thanks so much. Windy Hills makes the best lavender products. - Eve B.

Massage Rub.  I like it a lot!!  After planting and pruning my lavender plants, I use the Massage Rub on my lower back. Use it more right before bed, helps me sleep too. - Sally S.

Lavender Face and Hand Cream. Great Product, great service, great people. - Mark B.

Lotion bars, all natural.  Amazing. They smell like a spa (because of the lavender). They make your skin soft for hours, longer than regular lotion. I always get asked about them when I pull them out and use them. Highly recommend trying them. Also...  My whole life my dad had dry cracked heels and tried other products for it but after using these bars on his heels he no longer does.  - Jacquelyn S.

Wonderful Lavender lotion.  Love these products and will definitely purchase again. Thank you! - Christine L.

The lotion bars I ordered, I like the lavender and lemongrass. Very fragrant and great moisturizer in them. Great to give as gifts too as my mother and a friend of mine like them. - Sally K.

The Lavender Creme lotion smells delightful and is moisturizing, too! I have always been sensitive to fragrance, making me wary of scented lotions and other skin care, but I haven't had any trouble with this organic lotion and it feels wonderful on my skin. - Emily W.

We found Windy Hills Lavender Farm at a couple of the local craft fairs here in the White Mountains at Heber-Overgaard, AZ. I have to say they have a very high quality product as well as an abundance of knowledge. Love... love...love this stuff!! - Robin C.

I received a bar of the Lavender & Patchouli Body Soap as a gift and I LOVE it! It not only leaves my skin soft, but it leaves a relaxing fragrance as well. - Susan S.

Your products make lovely gifts. I have already tried your ground culinary lavender in a lemon pound cake I made and everyone loved it. The quality of your products and service is outstanding! - Sally K.

My bottle of lovely Lavender Bath Gel is just perfect! I took half of it, diluted it half with water, and filled my hand dispenser in the kitchen. Now, every time I wash my hands the kitchen has this wonderful aroma!  - Joanne B.

I have used your lavender in lemonade and pork loin roasts - if not others - and it definitely adds a unique flavor. Thanks for raising and selling it.  - Bil M.

I love your Lotion Bars! -  Joy G.

My daughter told me that she made the lavender ice cream recipe from your cookbook and she loves it.  - Barbara S.

I bought the lavender-lemongrass lotion this past weekend and I love it! I truly hope that you do well with your lavender farm and the boutique in Heber.- Priscilla C.

I stopped in yesterday and picked up some more lotion bars and a couple of other things. Really enjoying your products! - Barb

We love your lavender!  - Christie B., Prescott, AZ

Here in Northwest Montana the flu, cold and everything else is hitting hard. My daughter sure has liked the chest rub I bought from your store last year while I was traveling through. Just wanted to say thanks. It seems to help her a bunch.  Dee

Love your products! -  Gretchen

Glad you are open!  Will visit soon. Need some more of your amazing lotion bars! -  LuAnne F. 

We are really hoping you make another batch of the Orange Lavender body lotion.Please email me when it is ready to purchase. . . .Would love to get stocked up. -  Lisa, Sonora, CA

I have to say, my car smelled so nice for the drive home!  - Brenda F., Tucson, AZ

Would it be possible to have some lavender bundles (like you have at the store at times) sent to me? I just love them and want to give some as gifts. - Geri R.

I love the spray I bought from you and will need more soon.  – Sharon S., Heber, AZ

I bought some olive oil, lavender lotion and oil for my daughter.  She loved it!  - Pat M., Arizona

I visited the lavender farm store on my way to Pinetop last Saturday, what amazing items! I love my lavender perfume also! My girlfriend and i bought so many beautiful items and gifts for our friends! - Dee B. 

This is a great boutique and their lavender oil is amazing! - Deborah F.

Wonderful store. using my mist now! - Carol W. 
Just a nice store to visit and shop! - Ms. G

I love the spray I bought from you and will need more soon. - Sharon